How do i get manufacturer coupons mailed to me?

Praise or Complain Email companies are the easiest way to get free coupons in the mail. Take the time to send an email to a company or manufacturer and tell them what you like about their products. Allegra said they don't send coupons by mail or email, but said you should check their coupon page regularly. I was able to re-download and print coupons after refreshing the page.

Coupons will expire 1 month after download, so keep that in mind. When I looked, there were 14 coupons, all for various items related to clothing. You must create an account to print the coupons. Purina responded quickly, saying they didn't send coupons by email or mail.

But they have quite a few coupons for dog food, cat food and cat litter on their coupon page. When I downloaded mine, there were 17 coupons available 8 for dogs and 9 for cats. If you subscribe to your local newspaper, you'll find coupon inserts in the Sunday edition. These include the RetailMeNot Everyday and Proctor %26 Gamble coupon books above, as well as the SmartSource coupon inserts.

TERRA Vegetable Chips, another of Hain Celestial's companies, sent me 2 coupons just for asking on their contact page. However, they were kind enough to send me coupons in the mail as a “one-time courtesy” while setting up on our website. Just call the company's customer service department and kindly tell them why you're upset with your product or service, and that you'd like the coupons to compensate for your dissatisfaction. Most major companies are very sensitive to their customers' needs and dissatisfaction with your product, and will be eager to keep you as a long-time customer by sending you manufacturer coupons.

Ever since I started teaching others about debt-free and frugal living, I get a lot of inquiries requesting free coupons. Brawny doesn't send paper coupons, but he pointed out his email list, online coupons and the Sunday paper to me. Another good thing about coupons that manufacturers send is that they usually have very long expiration dates. When I contacted Hostess, they didn't respond to my email, but I received a letter from them a couple of weeks later with a coupon for a free snack.

RetailMeNot Everyday (formerly Red Plum) is one of those coupons you see in your local newspaper. This can be a good way to contact this particular company if you are having trouble finding your corporate office number or you don't want to have to keep calling to request coupons from the manufacturer. They said they had no printers or technological problems working with their smartphones or that many companies were stopping mail coupons in favor of printable or digital coupons now. In addition, many food and product manufacturers offer free printable manufacturer coupons directly on their own websites.

Keep an eye out for expiration dates when you print them; it seems that Benadryl updates the coupons monthly with new dates. Benadryl told me that they don't send coupons, but he recommended that I use his coupon page every time I wanted to save some money. Picking up the phone and simply asking for coupon books to be sent to you in the mail is a great way to get high-value coupons and sometimes even free samples. Manufacturer coupons are some of the best in the wide range of coupons regularly offered by major companies.