Is extreme couponing stealing?

In addition, CIC CEO Bud Miller said: “Consumers can easily protect themselves simply by never paying money for coupons. Coupons offered for sale are often counterfeit or stolen. Coupon buyers should be aware that they are providing their personal information to individuals or organizations that are likely to be criminal enterprises and that may open up to other criminal schemes. Using your coupons for something other than the product (s) indicated on the coupon is unethical and fraudulent.

I try to find sites that don't focus on buying tons of coupon items like the TLC program does. Also, most stores don't allow you to get money from a coupon, since most coupons pay up to the value of the item and most say they can't be combined with other offers and many of these people did. I would never have thought it was a fraud, since I used to be a cashier at a grocery store and they always told us that if the coupon passed, it was okay to accept the coupon. During this I discovered people who had garages full of products that had been purchased with coupons that scanned unrelated items.

We would have people throw a tantrum if one of their coupons didn't execute or if their transaction didn't exactly reach the total that their spreadsheet says. I agree with what most people say, that it is wrong to use coupons fraudulently and ultimately it can hurt everyone else that we do it correctly if stores end up losing too much money and they have to start taking away some of the benefits they give us. If the item doesn't appear in the picture or doesn't appear on the coupon, it's safe to assume that you can'T use the coupon for that item. Remember friends, coupons are a form of advertising and are used to attract people; using them against your customers, even extreme customers, is far from productive.

Pressuring the manager as to which of her coupons could not be redeemed, Rumenapp's lawsuit suggests that the coupons in question were those sent via text message to her mobile phone. I work for a retail store that has told me to take the coupon no matter if it says one per day per house. And I only asked because I thought the store I worked at wouldn't mind because they also accept expired coupons. She definitely committed fraud by using the coupons for a product other than the one specifically stated on the front of the coupon (including the size).