What companies will send you free coupons?

One of the first things I learned when I decided to become a couponent is, if you ask the worst thing you can say is no. Companies want you to try them even if that means giving them away or with an extreme discount. Below is a list of 50 companies that will send you money-saving coupons. Check out this incredible list and discuss with others if you know of any.

Leave behind the days of chapped lips without paying a lot of money. Just send a “Give Us Lip” message and let it be known that you love them and that you're a big fan of the company's lipsticks. PinchMe sends free sample boxes to consumers. They partner with well-known companies like Kellogg's, Kraft, L'Oréal, P%26G, Unilever and more.

If you prefer to write coupons to companies using real paper and stamps, you can go to your target brand's website, look up their email address, and use my template as a sample letter. I don't suggest making a habit of trying to get coupons by letting your inner psychopath out of the cage or giving smug advice to companies on how to fix their problems. If your favorite brand clearly tells you that they won't send coupons, take a look at their Facebook page. If you're ready to get some coupons in the mail, visit a company's website and send them this message via the contact form.

So, which companies will send you coupons in the mail? While there are a lot of them out there, these are the ones that have been tried and tested. I do my best to keep this list up to date, but if you find any dead links or know of any coupon friendly companies you've left out, don't hesitate to contact me. Hello, my name is Jackie Beverly and it's a mess trying to get your coupons, I enjoy your product, so if possible, you could start sending me your coupons, I would really appreciate it. They may send you product samples, documentation about upcoming products, or anything else instead of a coupon.

Afrin responded to my email saying they don't send out coupons, but he pointed me to a printable pdf coupon from his coupon page. Horizon Organic responded to my contact form by saying that they no longer send paper coupons, that they are all digital now, and that I should create an account with them to receive coupons when they publish them a couple of times a year. Garden of Eatin' is one of Hain Celestial's companies, and they sent me 2 coupons just for asking on their contact page. Many companies, both large and small, are happy to send coupons by mail or email, print coupons at home to their fans and just about anyone who asks for it.

Brawny doesn't send paper coupons, but he pointed out his email list, online coupons and the Sunday paper to me. TERRA Vegetable Chips, another of Hain Celestial's companies, sent me 2 coupons just for asking on their contact page. Angel Soft doesn't send paper coupons, but he did point me to his email list, online coupons and the Sunday paper.